Two Hour Caboose Ride Tickets

or charter the whole caboose for 16 people

Riding south bound you are situated at the rear of the train and can quietly check off the click of the rail joints much as the railroaders of past did while riding mile after mile in the "Buggy", Crummy" or whatever nickname railroaders gave to these little portable office, living accomodations and a perch for watching the long freights for hot box smoke or something in that train that required attention before a calamity occured. The brake handle was just at his reach for this reason. We removed the very large and comfortable single chair in the cupola and replaced it with two bench seats seating four per side making your perch roomier for you or your group. Come Lakeport and suddenly you are now in the middle of things as they back the locomotive to the caboose end for the northbound trip. Now you are just behind the EMD Diesel but in the best seat in the house overlooking the cab of the 240,000 locomotive from your lofty perch and now you can see not only around you but forward as the train pulls us towards Weirs Beach and finally Meredith. Tickets are $25.00 per person if the caboose is not being chartered. Group rental call 603-745-2135 Leaves Meredith, NH 10:30 12:30 2:30. Single tickets can also be purchased at Weirs Beach. Refer to our Weirs Beach Schedule for departure time. This is used also for Birthday Parties, Group Travel, Fall Foliage Rides for Groups, or for any reason you wish. The Party Caboose has its own restroom on board and room in the Cupola for 8. Tables and chairs for sitting or eating make this a unique and pleasant experience. This caboose is coupled to our Ice Cream/Food Service Car so we can handle your group with food, such as the Hobo Picnic Lunch at $12.00 or for Ice Cream, Cold Soda, Chips, or Snacks. Bring the family aboard and purchase our famous Hobo Picnic Lunch for a two hour adventure along what must be some of the most spectacular scenery in the Lakes Region.

We travel along the shoreline on track built by the Concord and Montreal Railroad in 1849, before most of these homes were built. We cross through numerous front yards on the route betwen Meredith and Lakeport, NH. We offer a History page for those that are interested in the heritage of the railroad line and a Description of the ride for those that would enjoy a preview of their train ride.